Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christmas 2012 Park City

 With the Lyons Family, Park City Utah, Karli, Heather, dauther Val with Andee, Jamie, Laura and Dean
 Lighting of a resort entry by Brite Nites, our son in law Dean's company.
The main Town Square. Christmas in Park City would be rather dim without the talent of the Brite Nites crew.
 The entrance to a famous restraunt in downtown Park City, again the work of Brite Nites.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trip to Castle Rock Colorado

 "Oh those Rollingson boys" Left to right, Auston, Owen and Nelson. (our grandsons) The occasion was Owen's baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Castle Rock Colorado.
 Owen had just turned eight years old and is pictured here with a big grin on his face.
 Baptism was performed by his father Derek Norman Rollingson. Shown here with proud mother Tawnya.
While there, we indulged in a little family bonding target practise with Dereks arsonal collection. "Don't mess with Grandma"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trip to Vancouver Island

  Boy are we getting behind on our blog posting. We had two excuses to make a fall trip back to the Island. Took the trailer to Antecortez Washington, unhooked and took the truck only through one of our favorite parts of the world, the San Juan Islands. It was a drizly gloomy day but very pleasant watching the whales and the porpoise greet the ferrie..
 Number one excuse was to see my favorite niece Connie Furgason Card.who that day was hosting a demonstration on caligraphy at a local art store in Sydney British Columbia.
Connie lives in Sydney with a view of the Georgia Straight off her balconey although she has since moved to Lethbridge Alberta. Saw many of our old friends at church which was a real treat.
 Second excuse was a visit with our dear friends Karre and Vida Gronnestad just north of Duncan. View of the Island from atop the mountain behind their property.
 Naturally we had to be introduced to her small herd of cows. "Pleased to meet (meat) you.....poop on my shoe and you're between two slices of bread."
While we were serving our mission in Hungary, the Gronnestads were serving in Denmark and recently returned from a humanitarian project in Haiti.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Takeing on "The Wall"

 Our grandaughter,Jaime Lyons, a recent UVU graduate in athletic science has instigated a family fitness program that many of us are victims of. While she is sluffing off and teaching in the Ukraine, we are puffing our way into shape in various locations back here in North America. The way it works is simple enough. Eat right and exercise, go to bed early, read your scriptures and drink mega glasses of water. Our weekly exercise program consists of 6 x 1.5 hours of alternating walking, biking, working out in the weight room, swimming for Heather and hunting  golf balls for Norm.
We have a favorite place close to our house for biking, however till now we were limited as to how far we could go because of "The Wall" ( a steep mile long hill). Last year we had convinced ourselves that our 71 & 72 years and our 7 speed bikes were a limiting factor.
However now that we are perfected in our fitness, I for one have been whitling away at the hill for weeks, just a bit at a time. Today was the day for the full montey. I reached the top in jubilation, only to look back and see Heather coming close on my tail.    
The Wall is a favored route for bikers as it is on the St George Sand Hollow Triathelon route. A sign at the bottom just beyond the cattle guard reads "You Can Do It". About half way another sign reads "Almost There".At the top.......well the picture says it best. 
Here's Norm, the skiney guy in the black and blue jersey. What is all this silleyness doing for me? Well losing weight is good. (6.2 lbs since Jan.1) Doc says the high blood pressure has evaporated. Blood sugars remain normal and life is good.......and yes going back down the hill was a piece-a-cake.