Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back on the American Continent

Norm: Stopped in Baltimore Maryland for a short visit with grandaughters of the Petty Family

Of course Heather and Alexandra had to plant a garden together.

Attended our old ward in Wallsburg and gave a homecoming address their. Monday, Heather meets with our fellow Senior Sisters Missionaries for lunch. Sister Garner, Marshall and Wade. Then on to Star Valley for a warm welcome and Bar-B-Q with the Families Deyholos, Ricks and the Huckins.

These two Great Grandsons ( the Huckins boys) have realy grown up on us. Clean cut boys....right?

We may be home, but the ROLLINGSON ADVENTURE continues............stay tuned.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Treasures of Denmark


Heather: Today is Father's Day so Vida and I decided to take Norm and Kaare to Egeskov Castle a few miles away from Odense. They were not too enthusiastic about the whole idea but they were good sports.  
The castle was built in 1405 and has been continualy inhabited since that time. We even saw the current Countess and her 2 cute children while were there. The castle is beautifully situated and we loved the tour we had.

Interesting roof detail.
Norm and Kaare just dying to check out that castle. The Count was very smart and has catered to the male population by adding a collector car museum. Vida and I had a great time exploring the castle and the grounds. The gardens were lovely. Norm posted the pictures so we have a roof and no flowers! Happy Father's Day guys! Posted by Picasa

Treasures of Denmark

Norm: Danish sculpter Bertel Thorvaldsen created this masterpiece in 1839 and it now stands in the Cathedral of Copenhagen. It was from this original that the Christus that stands in Salt Lake City Temple Square was duplicated.

This pyramid like mound that now stands in a farmers field is one of many scattered across the countryside next to the coast on the north end of Denmarks Fyn Island. Were they dwellings or were they burial mounds?

And who built them? About all that is known for sure is that they date back to about 3000BC. Access to the interior is by a very low stone doorway.

Interior is very dark. Walls and ceilings consist of huge rocks with small flat stones mortered to fill the gaps. Top is mounded with sod. It is fasinating to speculate there function.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Next Stop Denmark

Norm: A fantastic visit to Austria with our kids was followed by a fantastic visit to Denmark to see our dear friends the Gronnestads.

The Gronnestads are serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission.,seen here on the streets of Odense where they serve. This is also their third Mission. We served together at Mormon Handcart Historic Sites in Wyoming back in 2002.

Spent a delightful afternoon visiting a historic Danish Funen Village. The Gronnestads manage a Young Single Adult Center on the Island Fyn.

Some 25 youth attended the friday night B-B-Q and treasure hunt. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Seven O

Heather: My milestone seventieth birthday was awesome! We celebrated the demise of my sixtieth decade the 12th with a patio party at the wonderful guest house where we are staying. During our tour of the castle district in the afternoon I saw some lovely original water colors of poppies that I coveted very vocally. Norm was quick to take the hints and "surprised' me with this lovely painting. I am laughing because I think it is the first time my hints have actually worked!! These poppies will always remind my of our wonderful time in Pécs!

Krista and Jason stopped at a pastry shop that has catered to the Hapsburg royal family since 1786 and bought the most decadent cakes to share for the party. The dark chocolate one at my elbow was to die for!

The day started out cloudy and cool, but by the late afternoon the sun shone so we ate Krista's and Jason's treats on the patio as the sun set -- perfect!

The 13th we celebrated by taking in the spectacular mountain scenery and exploring Erlebnisburg Castle. I surely felt like I was Queen for a day! In the evening we went to dinner at Sternbrau  a 800 year old inn where Mozart spent many hours composing! Val gave me a lovely silk scarf and she .Lori, Derek and Tawnya really surprised me with gorgeous Swarovski crystal earrings and pendant from Vienna! I am so spoiled!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

EISriesonwelt Birthday Alpine Adventure

Norm: Not far from Salzburg is the largest ice cave in the world. We drive up the mountain. We climb the mountain. We take a gondola, then climb some more...

At last, there it is. Inside the cave we climb some more. 700 steps up then 700 steps back down.

These shots were clandestine, so do not do the cave justice. But it was absolutely spectacular. Visitors are given carbide davy lamps for climbing the stairs and our guide used magnesium flares for the spectacular effect.

After the caves we just had to hit one more castle with a rose garden. Here is the most beautiful rose of all.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reunion in Vienna

Norm: What a treat and blessing it was to meet up with Krista. She is our Grandniece who lives in Vienna. She and her husband Jason will be our companions and Austrian guides for the next few days. Here we gaze at the magnificent light show as the sun projects a collage of color through the stain glass windows. (see the header photo)

Street hawkers sell Mozart concert tickets.

Tawnya Rollingson performs with a free concert at the Vienna Opera House

Visited the Emperor's summer home from the Hapsburg Family Dynasty. Was prepare to make an offer on the place, but was dissapointed to learn it was not for sale. Posted by Picasa

Castle at Visegrád

Heather: Derek and Tawnya loved castle crawling at Visegrád and I loved taking pictures!

The day was cool but Lori came prepared for the weather. There are lots of photo opportunities at this castle with interesting passage ways and doors.

Val looking elegant perched on an old window casement among the rugged rocks and old stone work. We had a great time exploring!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Touring Budapest

Norm: On the Hop-on/Hop-off bus.

How many more castles can we absorb?

After a day of sightseeing in Budapest, it's off to the Turkish Baths.
Next stop Vesegrad Castle , then on to Vienna.Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 10, 2011

Transfers at Keliti Station

Norm: On transfer day, those who are being transfered or going home converge at Keleti Station in Budapest to exchange companions. Family gets a chance to meet some of the young missionaries that we have worked with and have heard so much about. Elder Mullen from Utah.

And here are the new replacements for Pécs. Elder Swieger  (California) replaces Elder Clark who leaves for home. Elder Dence a native Hungarian replaces Elder Nielson who heads for Szombatay.

And we can't forget Elder Mueller (Switzerland) and Elder Nikolof (Bulgaria)

And Elder Galland that appeared as a Greeny in Pécs a long time ago, no longer has that distinction now serves gallantly inTatabanya.

Our transfer group say farewell as we depart.
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