Monday, December 28, 2009

BIKINIS AT OUR BAPTISM Attended our first Hungarian baptism. It was held at the public pool across the street from our apartment. The pool remained open during the baptism.
Many bikinis graced the atmosphere. (at least so I've been told. Your Elder Rollingson doesn,t notice those things these days) Attendance exceeded that of sacrement meeting that same day.
It was the baptism of the daughter of the 1st councillor to the Mission President who lives in our Branch. Wonderful family. They have a son serving in England. It was a great and busy day.
First of the year we start holding language classes, open to the public. We have the young Elders teaching Begining English, Intermediate English, Advanced English and German. We also hold two open to the public socials a month to young single adults 18-30. The theory being to attract investigators and future leaders. The future of the church in Europe is in the hands of the youth as the leaders of tomorrow, Also starting in January we are assigned as traveling speakers with assignments in two branches a month covering all of Southern Hungary. I have learned also, not to ask questions. One day in Branch Presidency meeting I asked who the Branch Mission Leader was?...... Now I are it.

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  1. It is great hearing about these experiences and people. Branches are wonderful, enjoy!