Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Busy Weekend

April 24, 2010; Heather

We have had a very busy week end. Our Friday night activity in Pécs was a game night and we had 8 YSA attend. Maja, Mimi, and Zita provided delicious sütti -- cookies, and cake. Norm and I played Chicken Foot dominoes, while everyone else played a new Hungarian game that was way to complicated for us.

Saturday we prepared for our Mexican Fiesta in Kaposvár. Mimi came with us and was a great help. We hauled food, dishes utensils, the big electric fry pan, and our microwave. The Skoda was loaded to the hilt. When we arrived the Elders were waiting and helped us haul everything up the flight of stairs to the Branch House. We were a little nervous because President and Sister Baughman were going to join us for the evening. The Elders indicated that not many YSA were going to be there. But we had 9 attend plus Pres. and Sister Baughman and the Kellems who are teaching at the university in Kaposvár. We had a delightful evening and I had great help fron the Sisters. Vida and Kaare Gronnestad Skyped from Mexico and took their camera down to the beach. The day was perfect in Mazatlan. They even had a native Mexican tell us all about it in Spanish. It was a great addition to the festivities.

It was the Pécs Branch Conference today and Norm was called and sustained as the only counselor in the new Pécs Branch Presidency. Balázs Makkai is the new Branch President. He has been a member just over a year. He is a fine young man and I am sure he will rise to his responsibilities. Hay Elder is the new branch clerk which will help Norm with the language barrier. The Branch conference went well President and Sister Baughman both gave excellent talks. The presidents was a very direct and powerful talk on the important message the the Gospel has to offer to the world.

This evening we had our first Family home Evening with single parents. Again we depended on Hay Elder to translate for us. We had 2 delightful children and their mothers here. I think it went well. The kids had a good time any way and the treats were good, which according to Elder Bouck is the most important part of FHE. Our children always thought that was what FHE was about.

The only disappointment of the day was that we did not get to Skype our daughter, Sheryl, on her birthday. I am sure she had a great day. We thought of her often as there were 2 sisters in the Branch who had birthdays today as well. Norm is exhausted for the activities and the stress of the week end. He was up until one this morning printing out the program for the meetings today and is already feeling the effects of his new responsibilities..

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