Saturday, March 12, 2011

BOLDOGSÁGRA LELNI (Finding Happiness Concert)

What are the chances of having 2 beautiful talented young ladies such as this serving at the same time, in the same Mission. Jackie Bodily is an award winning concert pianist and Kimberly Roderick an accomplished singer. The are touring Hungary as part of their mission spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.
This week we arranged for them to come for two performances, one in Kaposvar and the other in Pecs.
This photo was taken after the Pecs performance which was conducted in a very famous old building in Pecs called the Dominikánus Haz. Note the wall behind the stage. It is part of an old Roman Ruins. Elder Clark missed being in this photo, as you quessed it...he was busy in the back of the room doing missionary work.
After the performance we catch a quick snack at a very classy American Resturant.Posted by Picasa

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