Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving...Park City with the Lyons

Heather: Thanksgiving is the time to gather with our families to express gratitude for them and for all the blessings we receive from our Father In Heaven. So here we are gathered around our  daughter Val's beautiful table with Rachel, Laura, and Sheldon, (Dean's brother). Karli, Andee, and Dean were there too of course! Val took two days to prepare a magnificent meal, which we consumed in 30 minutes!

Andee baked her first apple pie all on her own, she even peeled and cut the apples! At age 7 she did a fantastic job! I think she is going to take after her mother and be a great cook!

Friday we all went to the skating rink for some fun on the ice. Jaime and Nate skated around holding hands, while Karli practiced some figure skating moves. They stopped speeding around long enough to get this cute shot!

Karli and Andee are going to perform in an Ice Review just before Christmas. Andee is practicing her one foot glide! She has been taking lessons for just a little while! We had a wonderful time with our family in Park City but we missed being with the Deyholoses, the Ricks, Pettys, and Derek and family. Can't wait until Tam and Nick's wedding when we will see them all!Posted by Picasa

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