Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corena runs "THE BEAR"


They say it's in their genes, but Heather and I say not in the genes that we wear. Our third daughter has run several 50 mile races and she just completed her second run of "THE BEAR" It is a 100 mile endurance run from Logan Utah to Fish Haven Idaho  starting Sept. 28th 2012.. No the run is not up the canyon on the highway. This is a wilderness race over the mountains and through the woods. And no this is not a relay. They run the race completely on their own start to tag team woosy stuff. Lowest elevation is 4,860 ft. Highest elevation is 9,060 ft. above sea level. And get this. Going over the ridges gives them a total of 21,980 feet of climbing. And no....they don't stop to sleep. Start is 6:00 am and through the day and through the night and through the next day with a 36 hour cut off.
Some 250 of the best ultra runners from U.S. and Canada were entered.  166 completed in the 36 hour allotted time. Interesting too is that Ultra Runs have no divisions, classes or gender separation. All entrants are equal and on their own. Corena placed #60 with a time of 28 hours 35 minutes  This time was better than 10 minutes faster than 4 years ago when she was 4 years younger.
The above photo was taken as the trail passed through a recreational lake area over a man made groomed dam. Trails in the wilderness are not this way. They are raw and hazardous strewn with logs, rocks and the occasional bear, wolf or mangy moose.

 Every runner has a back stage / pit crew. This is Corena's support crew. Cassie, Norm and Heather.
Corena's Pacers were borrowed from the Star Valley High School Cross Country Team. Hannah, Hailey, Cody and Ben. Corena is the assistant coach of the team. Ty Drayney the coach placed an impressive 5th in the race.

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  1. She is my hero!! I am quite sure I know where they got their genes from. You guys have more energy than anyone I know!