Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Heather studies "Birds of Hungary" and a chance to practice some Magyarul with a dear friend.

Elder Hay and ElderBouck do their King Benjamin routine, or was it the tower of Babel?

Norm May 1, 2010 Saturday May 1st was another Hungarian Holiday. Everything, I mean everything shuts down, the streets are deserted. The weather was gorgeous and everything was perfect for a day with the Branch at the local park.

It was actually a Hike/Picnic. We all met at a bus station about 4 km away and everbody hiked.
Very few of the members have cars so the walk was what they do. For us the return trip about did us in. But it was a good day. Twenty Five people attended, seven were investigators.

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  1. Wow I am jealous beyond description! this looks like so much fun! We did something like this back in September but only the Kocka's, Beatrix and Hunor, and the elders showed up! So much fun! So awesome! You all are doing so many amazing things for this amazing branch I get the tingles every time I look at your updated blog! Wow!