Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Zone Conference, Then off to Skanzen

Norm: I sat in awe. Here in Zone Conference, we were being instructed by a pair of twenty year old kids. No let me rephrase that. We were being taught by a group of the Lords Elect Disciples. There could be no doubt, we were rubbing elbows with tomorrows leaders, CEO,s, Bishops, Stake Presidents. These missions are a 24 hour a day, 2 year intensive training of the Lords Elect. Absolutely no where else could a person receive an experience such as this. The whole process is truly inspired. Greenies become District Leaders. District Leaders turn into Zone Leaders. Zone Leaders develop into Assistants to the President, And this was but a small group of 50 or so. And to think there are some 50,000 more out there speaking every conceivable language one could imagine doing the same thing. All being molded into the best of the best. This process has no equal any where in the world.
And at the same time another phenomena is taking place. They are changing lives of those they meet and strengthening the church.

Lets call this Shot "The Migration of the Penguins"
Does this look familiar. A balance gate. Very much like the one that used to exist at the Sun Ranch " Mormon Handcart Historic Sites".
After Zone Conference we were treated to a field trip To "Skanzen." This is a Heritage Park or Old Nauvoo style re-creation of a Historical Northern Hungarian Village representing the traditional vernacular architecture and life style of the region.
"Hey Elder..whats that story about the woman at the well?" " Your name is not Rebekah by chance?"
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  1. Your posts are awesome and make me wanna just cry. You do a good job of showing the good parts of the country and the church in Hungary. It is so emotional and nostalgic to read your posts. Thank you so much!

  2. Yes Conner, You probably enjoy the updates of Beatrix and her family as well. She comments on you often in fondness. Elder Foote and his sister visited Pecs last month.