Monday, August 9, 2010

A Church for Komló

A few years ago when Hungary had a higher quota of missionaries than at present there were Elders stationed in Komló. Komló is a small city to the North East of Pecs. Several members joined the church and made the commute to Pécs over a mountain pass with a 45 minute bus ride. Many of the dedicated persevered and attend the Branch in Pécs, however many, due to various circumstances found it a hardship to do so and fell away. President Baughman authorized the Pécs Branch Presidency to establish a group in Komló. Sunday August 8, 2010 was Komlós first Sacrament meeting. The space was already filled to near capacity. After the regular meeting a spontaneous testimony meeting broke out. One wonderful sister who has been looking after a elderly bedridden mother inlaw for many years, can now attend church just blocks away from her home for the first time in a long time. Her spirit and gratitude was felt by all.

The Komló meeting room is located centrally in the town on the ground floor of a small retail complex and has a seating capacity of 19. Elder Mark Mason, second counsellor in the Pécs Branch acts as Group Leader. During the meeting I could not help but notice a few of the sisters plotting a reconfiguration of the floor plan, and sure enough, as soon as the closing prayer was said they had totally reorganized the seating arrangement. We rejoiced in their pride that this was now their Church. These dedicated pioneers will hopefully be the nucleus for a future Komló Branch.
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