Sunday, September 19, 2010

Car Nuts all over the World

This posting is for my car nut friends back home. Have you noticed that whenever there is a car show it rains. Reminds me of the car auction back in Okotoks years ago. About 100 vintage cars were on display on the main square. Here are a few of the more impressive big iron, mainly Ford, Buick and Chevy, but the real treat was the vintage European not seen too often.

Love this 3 wheeler,but don't ask me what it is. Raining too hard to stick around to find out.

I would have guessed this 3 wheeler to be of the 40's vintage, but was surprised that it was a 1970 model.

A Skoda....? We drive a Skoda. Until 10 months ago, I had never heard of a Skoda. Look at this little beauty. Looks like a mini Model A. The Skoda is made in the Czech Republic. Company started by a pair of brothers who had a bicycle shop in 1895 and started making motorcycles and switched over to cars in 1924.

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  1. Those are weird but also nice cars. Very unique. I'd like to own one of those cars someday.