Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pécs Branch Arts and Crafts Fair

Fun with paper mache. Kira said lets make a rabbit. Great idea!! Balloons and paper towel rolls make cheap armatures. Well our rabbit came out looking somewhat like the Energizer Bunny. That will never do. Hmmmm he kinda looks like a couple of fellows we know......Got a better idea. With a little modification we could turn him into....... ah ha how about.....
..........THE ENERGIZER ELDER. Elders Mullen and Diamond second the motion.
Plisz Beatrix was in charge of the fair and set up this lobby display of the Branch talents. Fair concluded with an evening of piano recitals, poems story telling and folk dancing and would you believe Elder Diamond gave us a speed course in Rubic Cube etiquette.
Our Center for Young Adults prepare for the fair with instruction in the art of making Dream Catchers
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