Saturday, October 8, 2011

Star Valley Cross Country Meet

Norm: No amount of photo manipulation can warm up these photos, but spirits were high and the competition hot. It was Star Valleys turn to host the area meet to five of the area schools. Add a little snow to the mix just to stir in a little Star Valley ambiance. Hey ...look at that blond haired girl go....the race has just begun.

Big brother Trevor who started this whole family competition thing watches on. One time State Champion warms up for  a little personal run of his own but soon realizes he has some work to get in shape again after serving for two years as a missionary in the Amazon Jungle. The phone however has started to ring from the Universities with scholarship offers for him to join their athletic program.

And here comes Hailey Ricks to the finish line still in the lead and all alone. Not too far behind came the Nethercot twins who crossing the the finish line in true sister competitiveness, giving Star Valley the one two three.

Hailey receives award in her shorts from the guy in the parka and probable long underwear. Star Valley Team place first in the women's and the men's event. Next come regionals then on to State.  Posted by Picasa

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