Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hungary Budapest Mission Reunion 2013

2013 HUNGRY BUDAPEST MISSION REUNION was held April  5th. at the home of Pres. and Sister Baughman in Sandy Utah. About 100 former missionaries attended to renew acquaintances with former companions. Many have moved on and taken on new eternal companions. Photo above is Mister and Misses Derek Tracy.
 and Ryan Mullen and his beautiful wife.
 Mason Galland with his forever girlfriend Ally.
 More familiar faces for our Hungarian friends, Mason and Chenney,
 and Jake Weston with friend Alex and Brian Nelson,
 and who can forget Trevor Bouck and Zack Diamond.
And finally the Senior couples of Pecs and Kaposvar, Bob and Brenda Bailey and Norm and Heather Rollingson.

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