Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Break with the Lyons Family

Our winter living in Sand Hollow gives us a good central location for a plethora of great activities. One of our favorite activities is a hiking the red rocks. A trip to the Owls Nest is a must or a swim in the reservoir at Sand Hollow State Park which is across the street. Naturally some cliff jumping into the lake was a must.
 A few short miles by car takes us to a recently discovered hike up beautiful Red Cliffs Canyon. Granddaughter Andee will take on any challenge despite her short legs.
 The frogs in mating season provided some curious entertainment for the granddaughters. The canyon gets to a point where continuation can only be done by getting wet, some places up to your arm pits.
Such excursions are of coarse followed up with a trip to the local In-n-Out Burger Joint. Hey maybe we could get a job here. Better keep my day job.....doin nothin!

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