Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brand New Year!!

Wow, 2010 has arrived!! Yesterday we did some sight seeing in the rain and went to a Branch Party where we visited with members until nine pm. We walked to the square to see what was happening there but the music was so loud and obnoxious we just headed for home. We watched fireworks from our kitchen window and bedroom balcony. Fireworks seemed to be going off at random all over the city from dusk until well after midnight! Today was quiet, our only excitment was having the Elders over for leftovers! They were excited because they had or were going to talk to family tonight since they did't get to on Christmas Day! We are working on talks to give in Kaposvar on Sunday. We are going back to Budapest for our visa interview on Monday. We will meet with Pres. Baughman and the Sisters who are doing Outreach there. We hope to get ideas from them so we can get started on one here. Love to all and Happy New Year!!

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