Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Week.

We have had a week of mixed success. Sunday we gave our first talks in two Branches. Here in Pecs and then in Kaposvar an hour away. Our first experience was a little disconcerting as we had to stop after every sentence so Maja and Elder Hay could translate for us. Our talks were too long so we edited them for our next speaking engagement. Elder Hay is one of the best Hungarian speakers in the mission and he did not even have to look at the written words.
While we were in Kaposvar we inspected the Kaposvar Elders apartment. It was chaos. But it was not the Elders fault. Two of the Elders had to leave their apartment because of water problems and they were camping with all their stuff in the other Elders small place. We gave them a pass because of extenuating circumstances.
Monday we cleaned our own apartment, then inspected the Pecs Elders digs. Elders Cheney and Recksiek live in a building that looks like it has seen better days and the stairs to their apartment are straight out of a old scary movie set. So we were very surprised to see that their apartment is actually amazingly nice -- great immaculate kitchen, spacious living quarters also very well kept. They do have an edge on most Elders as they have a cleaning lady once a month. We tried to bribe the Elders to trade us apartments but they were firm in their resistance. I took pictures to show the Moms how well their sons were taking care of things but my camera was lost or stolen this week.
Elders Hay and Baumgartle live in a less spacious apartment but they had it looking good for our visit. I sure wish I had those pictures.
Tuseday we did our visits to inactive young adults with Maja. All went well until we tried to find a family in a very seedy part of town. It was later than we realized and after getting lost a couple of times and having to ask directions of some questionable characters hanging out in the building, we got the poor mother out of bed. But she said we could come back on Sunday.
Wednesday was English class and we had about 60 people there. That is when my camera dissapeared. The Elders were able to get some new contacts from the class. Wednesday was also transfer day and Elder Baumgartl was treansfered to another town in the district. We are going to miss him -- he is such a pistol. His replacement is Elder Nemeth, who is a native Hungarian. We also had Maja teaching us Hungarian for an hour. I think I learned some useful grammer.
Thursday was a dark cold gloomy day. We did not have any visits so we stayed in the apartment, worked on language and talks that we have to give in February. Friday we met with Elders Cheney and Recksiek to make plans for visiting some part member families. As none of us know the people or where they live. We bought a map and came back to our apt to Google the Branch list. While I made lunch, Norm and the Elders pin-pointed all the people we want to visit. The Pecs map is covered with tags. Friday was also Branch Counsil meeting and Relief Society. I spent the first while in Releif Sociey sitting with several sisters chatting away with no clue as to what they were saying. When Maja arrived she translated for me. I was very glad for her help otherwise it was going to be a long meeting. The Relief Society President's concerns are the same as those we have in Utah -- how to get more sisters to come to Enrichment activites.
Today is another cold gloomy day. I am baking bread, Norm is working on his talk and we will meet with Pres and Sister Baughman this evening.
This is my last picture unless I get a new camera.

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