Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010
Today we drove to the city of Kaposvar for a baptism. The wife of the very young first counselor in the Branch Presidency was baptized by her very happy husband. He has been a member for over a year hitch-hiked to Germany a few months ago to go to the temple. He is a very dedicated member who rides a bus with his wife and 2 children for over an hour to get to Church every Sunday. This Branch is very small as you can see and has very few men in it. The Branch President lives here in Pecs and attends the meetings here before he drives the hour to get to Kaposvar. These few members have the true pioneer spirit and we are grateful to have the blessing of serving with them. Next week the Elders here in Pecs will baptize 2 of their investigators. So the work is going on here in this corner of the Lord's vineyard and we are happy to be a small part of it!


  1. Hi Guys - Looks just a cold over there as it is here! Sounds like you're having a great adventure! If you have a moment could you drop a line to Reed Andrew Sr. He'd love to connect with you guys again. He and Jan can be reached at:

  2. What cool stories! Thank you for serving a mission and being so great. The Church needs more Sr. couples like you!