Monday, March 8, 2010

Kaposvár YSA Night

March 8, 2010, Heather
We had a great Mini Olympic night with the young adults in Kaposvár Saturday, March 6. The Branch house there is quite small so we had to be creative, but Norm figured out a complex course that kept everyone on their toes. He had to ski and found it was not as easy as it looks. He just about took the knees out of his new suit. We didn't have chairs with casters either so we had the bob sled run using cardboard and brute strength. The girls finally figured out that they could go faster with two pushing. That was not quite in the rules but, hey, they were creative. We just about killed Elder Morgan. He was not feeling to well having eaten too many Hungarian dumplings at a program just before the evening's activities. After we had the brownies, we played a game of LDS Mafia and another guessing game. We think the evening was a success.

We did not leave Kaposvár until after nine pm. When we got home we found the the neighbors upstairs were having a party. The walls here are not sound proof in the least and we felt like we were in the middle of a party that did not quit until 7 in the morning. I do not know what Hungarians can talk about non stop for 12 hours.

That morning we met at the bus terminal to ride to Dunaüjváros to the Multi Branch conference. So it was another 2 hours of non stop Hungarian. We have got to learn the language so we can understand what is going on all around us. The conference was great. The missionaries sang several hymns for the prelude music and that really helped bring the Spirit. Elder Hay was in charge of that and did a great job. Maja translated for us and the talks by the two Mission Counselors were great, as were the testimonies given by several members. We enjoyed hearing President and Sister Baughman's talks on missionary miracles and the Book of Mormon. It was exciting to be in a regular chapel filled with Saints. At the end of the meeting all the women were given flowers, which was very nice. Then it was the ride home. We were exhausted. So for our P-day today we have caught up on chores and rest. We made plans for activities for the rest of the month and worked on the talks we have to give in 4 different places this month. We are glad to be anxiously engaged in the Lord's work here in Hungary.

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