Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transfer Day

March 4, 2010: Heather
Wednesday March 3 was our second transfer day. We were sad to see Elder Cheney leave. He is a great missionary and we enjoyed working with him. He and Elder Recksiek were a great team. Elder Mason from South Jordan has joined us here in Pécs. He has been in Pest. We went to check the Cheney/Recksiek apartment before Elder Cheney left. I documented the state of the kitchen, which was immaculate. Their mothers would be proud of them as they had to do their dishes in the bathtub. Their kitchen hot water heater was not working. Elder Recksiek in now Senior companion and District Leader.

Sunday was a pleasant day so we went for a walk after dinner. Norm was taking pictures of potential building sights for a church house here. We will out grow the rented building here in the next year or so we hope. It was the first time I had done any walking other than to the Branch House. I was glad to get out and see green grass. There are some wonderful old buildings here and I am looking forward to getting out and taking pictures on our P-days.

I spend 2 to 3 hours a day working on Hungarian grammar until it gives me a headache. Hungarian has to be the most complex language ever. There are so many ways to say and write each verb and noun that I will never get to know them. Last night for our Hungarian lesson with Maja we translated a Relief Society Meeting survey to help determine the needs of the sisters here. It was nine sentences long and it took more than an hour to translate them. Then I came home and wrote it out using the Hungarian keyboard Elder Recksiek installed for me. It must have taken me 4 hours altogether to produce a 9 sentence survey. I just hope some of what I learned in the process will stick in my brain. I am NOT giving up.

Today I am going Visiting Teaching with Maja and Gabi. This will be Gabi's first Visiting Teaching experience as a new member of the Church. Tomorrow Norm and I will visit with Diana again. We will teach a brief lesson on eternal families. Of courses Elder Recksiek and Elder Mason will have to go with us to translate for us. Saturday we are going to have our first YSA activity in Kaposvár. We hope it will be as successful as the one we had here last Friday. We hope we are doing some good here we do love the people and the city.

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  1. Elder Cheney will miss you two so much! I'm glad he got to serve with you both and thank you for taking such good care of him! I can't imagine learning Hungarian - you two are impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!