Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Summer Fun in Pécs

July 27, 2010; Heather: It is the last week in July and we have had a busy month. Great things are happening here in the Branch. We celebrated with Beatrix the night before she left to go to the Temple for the first time. She felt like a queen because she is one and is so thrilled to be able to go to the Temple.
Our youth Zita, Marci, and Veronika left for EFY in Germany Sunday night. The bus was 4 hours late picking them up from the Stake Center in Pest. That was a test of their patience and commitment to attend EFY. I am sure they slept all night on that bus.

July 23 we celebrated Pioneer Day with biscuits and baked beans. Elder Bouck was a great help in the tiny over-heated kitchen. I don't recommend baking biscuits at 450 degrees when it it almost 100 outside. We watched the movie Legacy, which many in the group had not seen before. pioneer stories are not as familiar here as at home. The Elders dutifully hid their eyes during the kissing scenes.

We started our YSA activities for July with a water balloon fight like we did in Kaposvár. We had a smaller group and only 2 Elders so things did not get as wild and wet here. The YSA had fun playing an impromptu volley ball game with a piece of tape for a net and a almost deflated pool balloon. We are so grateful that these kids are so easy to please and entertain. We consumed 4 water melons between the 2 groups and Hungarian water melons are home grown and delicious. This morning Elder Rollingson was up at 3:30 to pick up 4 of our dedicated YSA group to drive them to Budapest so they could catch a bus to Poland for a YSA conference. I hope the bus was not 4 hours late. So this last week in July will be very quiet here as most active members are either at the Temple in Frieburg, in Poland, Germany, or on vacation.

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