Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun in Hungary

Kaposvár YSA very wet and much cooler pose for the group shot. The Zone leaders then drove home to Szeged in their sopping clothes and shoes grateful that it was a very hot night. Elder Rollingson and I drove home to our very hot apartment in Pécs and decided that spraying the sheets with a super soaker was the next best thing to AC. It worked until the sheets dried out!
There is only one way to deal with 100 degree temperatures when you are a missionary and that is to have a water balloon fight.

So on a hot July evening in the city park of Kaposvár, Elder Rollingson filled up 50 balloons and 2 super soakers and we turned the YSA and 6 Elders loose. The visiting Zone leaders in their white shirts and ties made perfect targets and they were bombed relentlessly. I have to say that they gave as good as they got and by the end of the evening there was not a dry YSA or Elder to be found.

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