Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the Lighter Side

Hungarians will be the first to claim Albert Einstien as a Hungarian and I'm sure that many, many great minds came out of this country.

From there it was all down hill. It all started during a Family Home Evening, when Elder Bouck went flat on his butt.....when one of our recently purchase locally made plastic lawn chairs let him down so to speak. Now I thought this was great. I had something on Elder Bouck in which I could give him a bad time. However......chapter two came yesterday as I sat in the mate to Boucks chair waiting to give a Family Home Evening lesson on "Effective use of Humor" I could not have planned it better. It was a 95 degree day when the chair decided to do a giraffe drinking water imitation with legs spreading in different directions. Now I was on the floor.(Sorry no picture) Oh...... and W.C. users beware.....toilet seats are made from a very similar material.
Whats a guy to do.......... Got a free set of plans for a 30 foot building, but nobody told him he only had a 29 foot lot!
Kids got it figured out. Who needs Disneyland!
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