Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching up

A night out in Pécs with the Baughmans. From left to right. Szabadkai Adrienn, Szabadkai József ( first councilor Mission Presidency), Elder Rollingson, Gary Baughman ( Hungary Budapest Mission President ) Makkai Balazs ( Péc Branch President ) and Marilyn Baughman. Great company and wonderful food.
Csendes Margit is baptized January 8th in Kaposvár. Elder Miller performed the ordinance. His companion is Elder Hansen. Elders Hosch and Runnells act as witness.
Saturday was moving day for the Plisz family.This is the moving crew. Elders Galland and Mullen do their best to make the pizza disappear. Beatrix and her family sold their cottage in the country and move to an apartment in town, close to schools and the branch house.
Oh do I miss my Makita, my Duramax and my cargo trailer at a time like this. Beatrix's dad comes to the rescue and does an admirable job with his car and little trailer. Just as well, my rig would never fit down the lanes of the city.
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  1. Oh that's so sad to see! The place where we would walk from the bus stop to the cottage and eat the fruit from the trees on the hot summer Sundays. Where almost needed stitches because I cut my finger bad doing service, was nearly consumed by giant spiders, had a fire roast, watched Hunor sing songs to me, and where so many happy lessons were taught. Such a happy place where there are so many good memories. I love this family.