Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Heather: I love seeing flowers bloom in the middle of January, even if they are pansies. This winter has been much more mild that last winter -- so far! The tulips I planted are also just showing their green noses in my boxes. Meanwhile last year's geraniums are still growing in the stairwell window. Friday I bought hyacinths and tulips at Tesco and had a quick look at their seed display. Spring is coming and I will be able to plant again!!
Norm: Well speaking of spring...there it was..."Right before my very eyes" . Now I gotta tell you. Since leaving Wyoming I have not ever seen a pickup truck any bigger than a Ranger or a Toyota Tundra here in Hungary.... But there it was, big as life itself, right off the show room floor....a Lariat Super Duty F350 with duelies.
Well I was drooling on the Skoda dashboard...and it had British Columbia license plates!! I'm still scratching my head.
Did I ever tell you about the time I passed the  Ferrari out on the motorway??? Well I have to admit that he passed me twice, but I passed him once ( he had stopped for gas you see) Well maybe if I wash the Skoda it will go faster.
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  1. If it were not for the British Columbia license plates I would guess American Military stationed in Germany and vacationing. I too am stumped.