Sunday, January 2, 2011


Norm: The Young Adult Center in Szeged sponsored an invitational 2 day New Years party. Our Pécs group chose to attend as well as two from Kaposvár. We were pleased to meet two of the kids who came up from Romania as well. After the games and dance, all but us old folks braved the cold and the snow to witness the fireworks at a near by park. Party broke up about 3;00 am. From there we all retired to a youth hostel for a few hours of shut eye.
Heather and I were asked to present a seminar on "Preparing for Marriage" which started the New Years Day festivities. With 97 years of combined experience in this topic, we felt like real "profi's". Some 20 youth attended. It was the Romanian boy who translated my part from English to Hungarian. Lunch was prepared by a local member family and the dish was called a bográcsgulyas. It took a crew of four people several hours to hand roll the BB sized pasta balls. It of course had lots of paprika and was prepared in a big pot over a fire in the back room..... pioneer style.
All including the missionaries chowed down although Dora on the left is not quite sure.
Our marriage class was helped by our puppets Fanny and Peter, in a skit based on the book "Fanny's Dream". We felt very fortunate to have attended Brent Barlows marriage classes over the years at BYU Education week. With Brother Barlows help we were able to pull it off . We had some good laughs to go along with the serious stuff. We felt it was quite well recieved.
It was fun to see the snow, but we were just as happy to leave it all behind and return to the warmer climes of Pécs.
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  1. I love "Fanny's Dream"! I bet you guys did such a great job. Best book for singles ever.