Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing day in Primary

She blew us all away. This little 4 yr. old was asked to give the opening prayer in primary and the Primary President was going to help her. They started out together, then with arms folded this little brown eyed princess took over, leaving the President speechless. It was a textbook prayer and you would not believe the magyarul. This was her second time in primary and the daughter of an investigator.
This little girl in the red dress loves to come to primary too. Her dad brings her and he too is an investigator.
Sister Szabadkai does marvelous participation activities with the children and they get right into it. The children are so quick to pick up the words and actions of any new song. We love the Primary. It is the high lite of our Sunday.
Primary President Benko Zsuzsanna looks on, as do the proud investigator parents from the lobby. Oh how the children steal our hearts and how the parents love to see their kids enjoying the spirit of Primary. What better testimony??Posted by Picasa

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