Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preparing fo Farsang

Farsang is the Hungarian end of winter festival. There are parties, great food and the children dress up in costume as well as some adults. There is a special Suti made that is much like a donut without a hole. The center is filled with home made jam, usually apricot. You can see that the llama is dressed for the festivities.
Elders Galland and Clark gave a great spiritual message at the beginning of our YSA Activity. Zita was wrapped in plastic wrap to show how Satan can trap us with his seemingly innocent temptations. The elders used a scripture to illustrate how the atonement of the Savior can free us from Satans bonds. Their presentation had a clear message for the youth.
The evening was spent learning how to face, arm and hand paint. We are going to do some face painting next Saturday at the Branch Primary Farsang Party. We have some talented painters in our group. Gotta watch that Elder Galland though....I think there is a suttle message being sent here, to a certain someone back home.
Fanyi and Cinthia realy had fun doing each others faces....colorful girls. I think we are ready for Farsang.Posted by Picasa

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