Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Olympics...a 2011 re-run

Norm: After thirteen months at this YSA assignment we find we are running out of new ideas, so we recycled a few of the old activities that proved quite popular. This was the night of the Winter Olympics. Elders Clark and Galland presented our opening ceremonies with the "Armour of God" theme presentation. Notice how effective the shield of faith proved to be from the darts of the adversary.
First event was the ski slalom. Looks like Elder Galland is about to bif it. Yes the next frame was not pretty.
The bobsled run always gets the adrenalin going and we are always glad when we can return the chairs back to the office intact.
The Nordic trac event. Hula hoops for snowshoes. What do you think that red team player a little close to the target. But hey, shes an investigator. What can we say.Posted by Picasa

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