Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebration of Easter

 Norm: Our Friday night YSA activity for Easter in Pécs included the entire branch and their friends and was a Celebration of Easter. After a feast of subways, the Easter message of Christ by Jeffery R Holland was shown followed by the "The Testaments" which has been dubbed in Hungarian
Thirty plus people attended, seven were investigators. Zone leaders were also in town so we had a plethora of  young Elders.
 Love this photo of Marci sporting his new missionary style haircut.
After the Easter presentation, a birthday party broke out. Kira turned 6 and Clark Elder turned 21. Clark gets his birthday kiss.

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  1. We have enjoyed the comments you have made on our blog. Thank You. Part of our success has been our awareness of the successful baby steps. We have not had major miracles, or successes, but many baby steps. I am sure that you have left more of an impact than you realize on discouraging days.
    Does it seem possible that we are in the last weeks of our missions?