Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Very Special Place

Heather: Zsuzsa on the far left, is one of our devoted Church members and she has taught for 18 years at a school for children with special needs. She has 9 students in her class and they are delightful children with a variety of disabilites. The children love to have visitors so Zsuzsa asked if we would come to see them. One of the boys who is blind was not there today but every one else was and they were excited to visit with us.
This youngster is 15 and deaf/mute. He communicates using rudimentry signs. His father is dead and he was anxious to tell me that he liked my hair because his father's hair was the same color. You see how he wants to be close to Norm.
This charmer is 15 too and he is an orphan. He lives with an older sister. There are 7 children in that family who must take care of each other. He is very bright and loving. He told us all about Easter and how he will see his parents again some day. He knows all about God and Jesus. In spite of his hard life he is happy and smiles all the time. 

This is Livie and she is 15 very articulate and loves everyone. She helps Zsuzsa in the class with those who can not do so for themselves. Zsuzsa teaches them how to read, do math, and the usual elementery school courses. They have a large bright classroom and they take good care of their things. This school is run by a charitable foundation. The parents or famililes of the children do not have to pay for the school. Some of the children in other classes are profoundly handicapped and need one to one care. We saw how dedicated everyone is to these most fragile of Heavenly Father's children. The staff is doing His work as they care for these children. We are so glad we were able to visit with them and we look forward to seeing them again.

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