Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring in the Woods

Heather: We love the woods that surround Pécs! The warm weather has brought everything into bloom. This is medve hagyma with it's lovely white blossoms. The plant is prolific and a wonderful ground cover in the spring. One can buy medve hagyma honey that is reputed to be very good for one's health.
 Lump on a log. "If you ever get lost...sit on a log or a rock!" That was the advice we gave our children in the days that we did lots of camping and hiking. Those logs are some of the bigger ones we have seen. The forest has some very old beech trees that are more than 100 feet high.
 We visited Pinter Garden in the city, which is near Tettye Park in the hills. The garden has a collection of trees from around the world. The sun was beaming in a Utah blue sky and I liked the play of the light and shadows on the leaves!
When I saw this new green fig leaf, I thought of the Savior's parable of the fig tree in Luke 21: 29-31. When we see the new fig leaves we know that summer is "nigh at hand." So too when we see the signs given in the sun and the moon and the earth in distress we know "that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand." There is always a sermon in God's marvelous creations! 

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