Tuesday, July 5, 2011

God Bless America

Happy Birthday America and Happy Anniversary to us. It's pretty hard to forget an anniversary when you have fireworks to remind you. This anniversary marked 49 great years together. What an adventure it has been.

And what an excuse for a family Bar-B-Q. Steaks on the grille and a plethora of salads. What a chance it was to get re-aquainted with the grandchildren and share their latest quests and accomplishments and a chance too , to get out the video of our friends back in Hungary. Hey we miss you guys!!!

Son in law Kevin started the celebration with the dramatic story of the events of the battle at Fort Henry as told by Francis Scott Keys that led to the writing of our National Anthem,The Star Spangled Banner. And our flag was still there.

 The weather was great, the little ones were kept busy with the fireworks and us older folks sat around remminising, taking pictures and eating too much.Posted by Picasa

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