Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun with the Family!

Heather: We are having fun with our family here in Star Valley! Our great grandsons Wyatt and Deizel think our fountain is their personal water toy. Just the place to cool off on a hot Sunday afternoon. 

Grandson Auston is playing king of the castle at Grandpa and Grandma Egan's home. Just after I took this picture he jumped down from those rocks which were taller than he is! Auston is 4 and moves a mile a minuet.

Today we visited the Ririe Ward to hear Tawnya and Natascha play a duet in Church. It was Natascha's first time playing in a Sacrament Meeting. She played "Come, Come Ye Saints" solo for the first few bars on her violin then Tawnya came in on her alto flute. Aunt Mary Ann accompanied them on the piano. Their performance was so well done and beautiful it brought tears to Grandpa and Grandma's eyes! After Church we were treated to a delicious family dinner in the back yard of Steve and Deon's home. Tawnya's brother , Erick and his family were also there. We had a delightful time exchanging stories and visiting after dinner.  

Posted by PicasaWe could not take a picture of Tawnya and Nattie playing in Church but here they are making beautiful music in the shade of Grandpa Egan's garden! 

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