Friday, July 1, 2011

Meanwhile...back at the Ranch

Norm: With a heavy snow winter and a wet spring, everything is very green. The mountain behind our house is covered with Arrowleaf Balsamroot (yellow flowers). The town down in the valley is Etna Wyoming where we go to church. The steeple of the LDS chapel can be seen on close inspection.
Reclaiming the trails of debre is a regular job each spring. Living on a mountain at the edge of a forest has its benefits and its drawbacks. Mountain lion scat on your doorstep, squirells that chew holes in your siding, porquepine droppings in the flowerbeds and the inside of the house that smells like a skunk. Then there is the thumping of animal feet on your deck during the night. Yup... all is normal here in Wyoming.

View to the west. The hills in the foreground and the distant mountains are in Idaho.

You'd think the Stake put on a Ho-down just for us to celebrate our return. In actuallity it was an annual High Priest and their wives event with foot stompin live cowboy music.  Posted by Picasa


  1. It looks like Wyoming! That's where my wife wanted to marry a cowboy and live before I convinced her to marry me--if she could have a horse.
    Roger and Caroly

  2. It is Wyoming and it is a great place to live even if you are NOT a cowboy! Miss you guys!