Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cave Crawling

Norm: There are not many caves in North America that we have not explored. Even have a good start on the ones in Europe. This one, Minnetonka Cave is one of the lesser known caves and is just over 100 miles from home, in the Cache National Forest by Bear Lake.

Although not the most spectacular that we've seen, it was enjoyable. Elevation from the entrance to the end is pretty much the same, however it does undulate several times requiring a lot of climbing. 888 steps for the in and out trip. Stairs were put in during the 1932 depression under President Roosevelts "New Deal" to supply work for the unemployed.

Temperature in the cave is a constant 40 degrees F. Cooler than most caves. Almost as cool as the ice caves of Austria. Luckily the Forest Service supplied jackets. Our guide took this photo of us in the "Wedding Room " at the end of the cave.
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  1. You both look great! Norm, you'll make a perfect Santa by Christmas! :D