Thursday, August 18, 2011

High Meadows Adventure

Heather: Monday August 15 was a very memorable day! Corena, Kevin and Braden competed in a 25K and a 50K on Saturday. They ran up the Swift Creek Canyon and back for the 25K and Corena did it twice for the 50K. When we visited with them later, Corena told us about the beautiful high meadows they ran through. She said she wished I could see all the wild flowers blooming so profusely this year. I wished I could too so we decided to try hiking up on Monday morning. Our cabin is on the edge of thousands of acres of  National Forest  Recreation land. We have a short trail going up the small canyon beside us, but I have always wanted to hike up to the high meadows near us. This was my chance to fulfill that dream!

Bright and early Monday morning Sheryl and I drove to Swift Creek Park to meet Corena, Kevin, Hailey, and Becca. We hiked through forests and crossed several streams. Kevin was ever the gentleman helping us cross on this skinny log!

Corena of course needed no help! She had crossed this same stream 4 times on Saturday, but did not use the log. She just ran through the water! This time she showed off using my walking poles for balance.

The wild flowers were indeed spectacular! The high meadows were awash with vibrant color. After hiking for 3 hours, we still did not reach the highest meadow! There was so much to see and take pictures of that we were slow hiking. The scenery was so awe inspiring that we hated to leave. Sheryl, Corena, and I stopped to take pictures every few steps on our return trip -- just soaking up the beauty of this wonderful world we have been blessed with.
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