Monday, August 1, 2011

Lincoln County Fair-DEMOLITION DERBY

Heather: This week is County Fair week in Lincoln County. The first night of the fair is devoted to all kinds of noisy machines. Even kids can participate in the fast noisy barrel race. This youngster is making his final turn before hitting the home stretch. Some of the kids in this event were only 4 and 5 -- where were their mother's!

Next was the Wyoming version of a balloon battle. The teams are on 4 wheelers and armed with sponge bats. The object is to break the opponents balloon and put them out of the race. Makes our balloon war in Pécs look tame! One of the 4x4's tipped over but no one was hurt. It was a team of girls that one this event!

The noisiest and most exciting event was the Demolition Derby. The object of this mayhem is to crash into and disable as many vehicles as possible with and extra $200 if you can make another car roll over! The green car in the middle was the eventual winner but the car was unrecognizable by the end of the Derby!

This car was driven by a mother several small children! I guess she figured that crashing into other cars was  just as easy as looking after kids! She was third overall in the competition. There was also a pickup truck event and that was won by another girl! Girls in Wyoming are tough drivers!   Posted by Picasa

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