Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grandchildren Update ll

Heather: We have been on he road for the past 10 days visiting family. Our first stop was in Castle Rock, Colorado where we left Great Grandpa Rollingson's five foot sturgon to grace Derek's home office. Derek and his boys love to fish and they were the only ones interested in finding a home for Great Grandpa's trophy fish caught in 1929 in the Old man river in Alberta! We are not sure Tawnya was excited about this unique decorator piece, but she was a good sport about having it invade her house. The kids on the other hand were quite facsinated by the ugly thing!

Our next family visit was with the Petty family in Maryland so we could celebrate Eliza's baptism on September 24th. Eliza  was very happy to take this important step in her young life. Her father Elliott baptized and confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The service was lovely and we had a great visit  with about 70 friends and family who were there to support her.

Here we are with Eliza in her pretty white dress in Lori and Elliott's back yard. We are very proud of her!Posted by Picasa

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