Friday, September 30, 2011

Road Trip

Norm: We are destined to travel. We would not miss Eliza Petty's (our granddaughter) baptism. All we had to do was drive out to Maryland. With our side trips, we covered just under 6,000 miles. First stop was Swiss Days in Midway Utah.

Next stop was Wisconsin Dells. As luck would have we arrived in the middle of Wah Zah Wah Festival. Saw many old friends at church which happened to be Ward Conference. Our old friends Ann and Mike Craig from Michigan joined us for the weekend and Mike cooked us up a wonderful meal of freshly caught walleye.

Can't visit Wisconsin without a visit to "House on the Rock" We've been here at least a dozen times and I still can't describe it, but it's well worth it, even with the brain overload.

Here we are about to feast on more sea food on banks of the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Susquehanna River.

On the return trip we stopped off in Kirtland Ohio and toured the church historic sites there.

I was particularly intrigued  by the reconstruction of the old saw mill and potash factory which is is an actual working mill. All in all they did a quite an acceptable job on the reconstruction.

The big highlight of the visit was the interior tour of the Kirtland Temple. The Community of Christ Church who own this historic site are doing a great job of restoration and maintenance. Our guide gave a great heartfelt testimonial presentation of the sacred events that took place within.

Here we are on the doorstep of the Johnson farmhouse in Hiram Ohio, where the prophet Joseph Smith lived for a time with many great revelations received. It was here that a mob attacked Joseph Smith in the night. He was dragged down these steps and tarred and feathered.Posted by Picasa

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