Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grandchildren Update

Rachel Lyons: Stopped by on way for her first year at BYU Idaho
Trevor Ricks: Just days away from returning from his two year mission to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.
Eliza Petty: Gets baptized on Saturday.

Karli Lyons: In her senior year in High School, all gussied up and awaits her date for Homecoming.
Nelson Rollingson: Soon to take his first lesson on the cello.
Owen Rollingson: Is learning to play the guitar

Hailey Ricks (right): is having a promising season at cross country, preparing for state.
Andee Lyons (center): Is in kindergarten.
Alanna Deyholos: is in first year of High School.
Taylor Deyholos (center): Has graduated from High School and has a job as a computer technician.
Brad Deyholos (right): Is now 19 and is contemplating the big decision. Posted by Picasa

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