Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Bye Elderek Tracy és Johnson

Heather: We have had the privilege of working with great  missionaries here! We have fun with them at Family Home Evening, enjoy an occasional lunch on the tér, and are always sad when they leave us for other fields of labor. Elder Tracy was a great leader here and he played the piano for our Church meetings. We miss him but we are sure he is appreciated in Győr. Fortunately Elder Crandell is still here and is filling Elder Tracy responsibilities very well -- he is a hard willing worker!
Elder Johnson's bright smile has gone to cheer up Szeged and we miss it here. He was only here one transfer and that was not long enough because he is such a good guy and easy to like. He and Elder Mullen were a good match and did a lot of good work together. We are glad that he is still in our Zone so we will get to see him at Zone Conferences.
The past few weeks have had some lovely days but they are getting very short and the color has left the hills, so we say goodbye to Summer fun. I tried to capture as much of the last color as I could to help get through the dark days of winter.

This is, Laci, my favorite virág bácsi. He grows his flowers in his garden in a village outside of town. He cuts fresh every morning and brings them by bus in  big bucket to sell at his designated corner of the city. I think he must have a huge garden to match his huge heart.
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  1. AAAAAH I love this post! This was the time that I left Pecs and came home last year and the photos make it so nostalgic. I miss it! And I can't believe Laci Virag Bacsi is still there! he looks like he has aged a lot in the last year! I love the posts always!

  2. Laci's mother died this spring and he was devastated. He has not been quite the same since then. He still tries to be cheerful when we see him but it is an effort for him. We really worried for awhile because he was not at his corner for days. But he is there most days now.