Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Castle Crawling / Visegrád

Norm: It was a perfectly gorgeous day, the sky was blue and we were surrounded by good friends. The senior missionaries of the Hungary Budapest Mission were on the loose and having a great day exploring. Location: Northern Hungary,The bend of the Danube. The Castle: Visegrád. It is located on a high picturesque hill overlooking the river and was started during the reign of Béla IV in the mid 1200's.
And would you believe they had a small panoptikum (wax museum). This scene depicts the feast from an economic summit in 1335 in which a treaty was signed between Hungarian King Károly Róbert, the Czech and Polish royalty and the traders of Western Europe.

The castle was well fortified and finally besieged during the Turkish invasions.
It was held by the Turks for several years until blown up and badly damaged in 1702
by the Hapsburg Emperor Leopold.
Heather: Restoration has been on going since the 1800's. The glory of former years is slowly coming back to life. Visegrád is a spectacular peice of Hungarian history that we were privilaged to enjoy!

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  1. That is amazing! What a neat country. I've only been there once, and loved it. Castles and all.