Friday, November 12, 2010

November Transfers

You may think you've seen this picture before. It has become tradition when we get new Elders, to do our favorite haunt, the TEX-MEX Eterem. Two new faces have arrived in Pécs. Elder Galland is our new "Greenie". When this photo was taken he had been in Hungary just 48 hours. Elder Bennion is no stranger to us as we have worked with him before when he served in Kaposvár. Elder Bennion will likely be finishing out his mission with us as he goes home in march. Elder Mullen serves as District Leader and Elder Bennion will be serving as Komlo Group Leader. We are priveleged to work with such a dedicated group of fine young men.
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  1. Sister Rollingson, thank you for putting a worried mothers heart at ease. Elder Galland belongs to me, and I am so grateful to see his smiling face. Did he tell you that we have Star Vally connections?? Ask him about it and give him a squeeze from his mom.
    Jodie Galland