Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pécs Relief Society Cooking Fun

Heather : Last month our Pecs Relief Society got together for a baking demonstration by our resident professional baker. Konig Silvi bakes for a couple of restraunts in town and makes the most beautiful cakes. So we gathered at the branch house kitchen for this fun event. As you can see, the kitchen is about the size of a closet and is tight for three people let alone the dozen or so that were there.
Everyone loves to make suiti in Hungary.

I was very intrigued by how different baking is done here. Everything is weighed rather than measured. Silvi came equiped with a set of scales instead of measuring cups. I would have great difficulty cooking by this method as it requires one to do math at every step.

Even using vanilla is a pains taking process as the vanilla seeds are scraped by hand from a pod to be used in the recipe. Silvi even made her own powdered sugar in a special machine that she brought. There are no short cuts in Hungarian cooking.
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