Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Southern Hungary

Heather: Our second Christmas in Hungary started with a Christmas Eve party with our 8 Elders from Pecs and Kaposovar. We had lots of food including the traditional Hungarian Christmas dish of stuffed cabbage. After dinner we watched a Disney version of  "A Christmas Carol," with Elders sprawled every which way on the floor. 

Then we went to the Pecs Cathedral, which had its beginining in 1055 AD,  to take in the Midnight Mass in D Minor. The Elders were appropriatly reverent and we were there early enough to get seats. By the time Mass started the cathedral was filled with people old and young. We were quite spell bound by the whole experience. The music was wonderfully performed by a full orchestra, well trained choir and magnificent organ.  
The Elders went home while Santa filled their stockings with care for Christmas morning breakfast! They arrived at 10 am and we consummed 2 pounds of bacon, 2 dozen eggs, a plethora of pancakes, and 2 dozen cinammon rolls! 
We had our own quiet celebration before the Elders arrived, Santa left Norm a new vest because she was tired of the old one and Heather recieved a lovely piece of Zsolnay jewlery which of course she deserved!
Later in the day we went dinner at the Koczka family's home. They had a wonderful meal ready with many different dishes that were delicious. We ate and ate some more! The Elders were entertained with games and magic tricks and had a few of their own to share. At six we went to visit the Szabadkai family. Sister Szabadkia fixed us traditional Hungarian fish soup. It was very good and just the right thing to have after all we had consummed during the day! We were so well treated by the Koczka and Szabadkai families that we were not even home sick! We had a wonderful second Christmas here. 

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