Sunday, May 22, 2011

Az Ultosó Zone Conference/ Farewells

 Heather: Our last Zone conference was last Tuesday. We love going to Zone and seeing Elders that we have worked with here. These Elders were in the MTC when we started our language training. Next to Norm is Elder Marceil  from British Columbia, Can. Elder Rowland is from France, and Elder Mullen is from Orem, Ut. In our very first role play, we heard Elder Rowland's sincere testimony and we knew that he would be a great missionary!
 We are always happy to see Elder Baumgartl (Germany) was a Greenie in Pécs when we arrived here. Now he is a trainer for his Greenie who is the very first missionary from Cuba! Elder Vasquez is originally from Calgary, Can, but his family moved to Cuba for his Dad's work. His family is also doing the Lord's work there by introducing their friends and associates to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Elder Vasquez boxing coach was the first baptism in Cuba. How exciting is that!  
 We were glad to see Elder Diamond on Elder Marceil's left and Elder Crandall on the right. Both these great Elders served in Pécs with us. We worked with Elder Marceil in Kaposvár. We loved working with all of them!
Last Friday our good friend Sándor surprised us by coming from Kaposvár to our YSA activity. He brought me a beautiful rose and gave Norm a wonderful Hungarian cook book. I can hardly wait to see Norm cook some delicious dish from that book! Sándor is a great young man and we wish him all the best in his life and in the Gospel.

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  1. I cried much more at the good-bye's than I did leaving home and getting settled in the mission. I hope we get to see some of our missionaries later. Best wishes in your trip home.