Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cruisin on the River

Norm: NÖVÉREK Rollingson, Bailey, Smith, Williams, Baughman, Thompson, Hartwell, Bagozzi, Folster, Chase and Gudgell

ELDEREK Rollingson, Bailey, Hartwell, Bagozzi, Thompson, Baughman, Gudgell, Williams and Folster.

Our second day of the conference was spent cruisin up the Danube to Szentendre. Magnificent view of the Parliament Building.

Approaching Szentendre. This is an old historic town that has transfomed into a tourist type shopping area. This was our second visit here. This time we actually bought something. Many wonderful souveniers to take home. The best souveniers are the memories of times such as this with our friends and fellow missionaries.
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