Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Short-cut to Kaposvár

Norm: Last Saturday we were scheduled for a program in Kaposvár. Beautiful as the trip is, we were getting a little wierrey of the regular way, so a diversionary route was in order and what a treat it was. We soon saw a herd of wild boar routing around in a farmers field. They were in two groups. There was about eight adults. The group farthest from us were huge and we assume were the boars. This group a little closer were likely the sows. When we got out of the car they immediatly headed for the forest. It was then that we discovered they had about eight little piglets. They can be seen as the small dots under the fence. I recently read that wild boar meat is very tasty, yet to eat it is strongly discouraged. The reason being is that they love to feed on a particular mushroom. Throughout Europe, this mushroom has a high reading of radiation as a result of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, thus affecting the meat.

Don't have an explanation for this immaginative setting unless there may be Hobbit's close by. These shortcuts are great. Instead of taking the usual 1 hour for the trip, we find we can now do it in less than 3 hours.
P.S. A funny thing happened on our return trip that night. I was pulled over by the Hungarian Police and given a breathalizer test. And guess what???.....I PASSED

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