Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lost is Found

Norm: We would have never found her if it were not for a pair of former missionaries who once again return to Hungary. Gabriella (a very common name) and her family moved to our area shortly after baptism. The address and phone number were outdated and incorrect. Elder Roundy was her baptising Elder in a far distant area prior to her moving. They kept in contact through facebook and with bird dog tanasity, we were able to find her and her three children. Unfortionately they live a good hour away from Pécs by train and Sunday train service is almost non existant. She was very excited to be found and have some contact, though brief, with the church.

On her rented property was this old ornate but typical well. Many such wells can be seen in the more remote villages.

Putting your shoulder to the wheel can sometimes require a good neck rub.... herein lies the therapy.Posted by Picasa

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  1. Your pictures are so amazing. What a beautiful country. Your mission sounds wonderful. we know that they are all a lot of hard work too.
    Best wishes.